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Single web tasks for £39, if you can ask for it in one sentence without using the word and it should only cost you £39. Get a Smart Arse on your team. Submit a task and I’ll get right on it.

Mind Reader

I've seen it all before so more than likely know what you need before you finish explaining your issue.

You're In Control

You set the tasks and pay when the task is complete to your satisfaction.

Multi Skilled

I don't stop at building sites, I cover all the extras as well, analytics, SEO and Social Media.

Fair, simple pricing for all.

I offer a single task fee of £39 – if you can say it in one sentence without using the word ‘and‘ it should be £39.


Add Popup

Could you add a popup that asks my visitors to sign up to my newsletter?

No problem

Update Website

Can you update my WordPress and all my plugins?

No problem

Add Analytics

Are you able to install Google analytics on my website?

No problem
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