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Hosting, Email and Domain Name

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I use SiteGround, not because they’re cheap because they’re not, in my opinion, they are the best value for money. Having many hours of experience with different hosts and the feeling I get when editing the pages and carrying out operations on the back end the response time for SiteGround servers fills me with confidence, I’ve worked on sites hosted with large companies like GoDaddy and I spend most of my time waiting for things to work or refreshing the page because things have failed.

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The vast majority of companies involved in the production of material designed for the web have a system in place for you to either delegate work or give access to a third party using their own account and ‘NOT YOUR ACCOUNT’.

Siteground gives you the ability to add collaborators to your account, once added I can set up your webspace and help with your email settings if you need it.

Siteground Users Screen
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