I Don’t Want Your Password

Andy Paddock
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I secretly find it quite reassuring that my customers are usually more than willing to give me their passwords for all manner of web sites but sadly not everyone is just trying to fix your email or add a new payment gateway to your online shop. Usually, if someone asks for your password they are not asking because it’s just easier’ if you give me your details. They are undoubtedly about to try and con you in some way. Most but not all online-based companies  (not quite the majority) understand that we are increasingly dependent on others to carry out tasks for us or set things up for us on our accounts so they routinely offer some flavour of team access.

Exhibit A:

As a quick example, I’ll use Stripe to demonstrate the kind of functionality that you’ll usually find included to give access to a third party.

Settings are always a good place to start and then you’re looking for the delegated access section, sometimes called Team/s, Facebook calls it Page Roles, PayPal uses Account access and others use similar options.

The Least Access Possible

Most if not all will give you options for the level of access you can allow to your account, the simple answer is to give as little access as possible or allow greater access for a limited period.

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