Falling in Love Again

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Maybe love is not the right word for it but after the disappointment of Huddle my trial account of Podio has been a revelation of biblical proportions.

I’ve been aware of Huddle for some time now but my work has never been taken in that direction so I’ve just dabbled in and out with no real identifiable requirement to use any Social Enterprise offering. Our requirements have recently identified at least a greater need to investigate Social Enterprise so we have started testing and setting up meetings to have the inevitable mind blowing price tag revealed.

I opened trial accounts for Huddle, Jive, Social Cast and finally Podio following a recommendation from RackSpace. Huddle instantly died a death as all they seem to be pushing is their security credentials and not much else. Jive started to rise to the top of the tree mainly through a recommendation from Paul McTurk.

After a recommendation from RackSpace I had a look at Podio and was instantly taken with it’s simplicity but also it’s potential to be as complicated as you want it to be. It doesn’t set it’s self up as an addition to something else or indeed need any other software to perform it’s tasks.

The only elephant in the room is the lack of versioning control for documents but Podio is so good it makes you question why you need to version control a document that’s more than likely being stored in SharePoint which has it’s own version control.

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