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I get the feeling that at the time I had decided to report my close passes the process was in a state of flux, the initial report was different to the subsequent and when I had the first response I had to re-submit my footage on a totally separate system.

First submission was on the Wiltshire Police report a road traffic incident page and took less time than I expected, the second was reported on the same form but in the space of a week certain elements of the form had changed which may explian my next interaction with Wiltshire Police.

I had a response very soon after my second submission, it was just a confirmation and an update of the progress but it gave me a human being with a real email address. I replied asking if they had recieved the first submission because as yet i had not had a similar response to that earlier submission.

This is where the process got confusing, I was asked to resubmit the first video through a different system. 

National Dash Cam Safety Portal

I’ve been aware of this for a while now but when I last looked I think it was only available for Wales and the Met now I was met with a map of the UK and all the police forces that are taking part in the scheme are linked for you to select.

Visit Site

The submission process was very similar to the initial form on the Wiltshire police site but this time I was able to upload my footage direct instead of having to host the footage somewhere (Google Drive, One Drive) and provide a link to the footage.

Justice Division - Traffic Unit

After what for me seemed like a very simple process I have two letters from Wiltshire Police giving me a reference number for each incident and contact details for the people dealing with the incidents.

Chance of Justice: 7/10

I'm hopeful that at the very least the drivers of the cars that close passed me will be confronted with their wreckless actions.

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