It’s The Wrong Picture Gromit

Andy Paddock
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Have you ever shared your site or a new blog post to Facebook and the image that appears on the Facebook post is not the one you expected? Here’s the solution.

I haven’t had this issue for a while now but I have been seeing quite a few business pages sharing content on Facebook and I’ve had to ask myself is that the image they would have expected to be with that post.

The Issue:

When a web address is shared on Facebook, Facebook looks at the shared page and they use specific elements of the page to construct the post that gets shared, those elements are held in storage (cache) to be reused if anyone else shares the same address or views the same post, that can be an issue if you change the post image or any other element of the page you are hoping to share.

The Solution:

There is a very simple way to ask Facebook to look at the page again and to update the details they have in storage. Just visit the Sharing Debugger and enter the web address of the page you are trying to share. The debugger will show you the details of what Facebook has in its storage and you’ll also see a button in the ‘Time Scraped’ column called Scrape Again. Clicking the button will force Facebook to look at the address again and update the elements it will share.

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You can also review all the data to see if Facebook has found any other issues with your site (in relation to sharing on Facebook).

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